Calves are all born.  Images can been seen under the 2020 calf page. We have some outstanding bull prospects this year, and if you want a pet, nothing beats a steer. 

Boy Named Sue is sired by Denver, out of the Impact Dam Gaynor. He has the swagger and chest of a bull twice his age. A beautiful light yellow, he will sire calves of many colors, and has a good chance that he carries the gene for frosting.

 Tin Man, out of  one of my favorite cows, Glenda,  sired by the amazing Denver, has the thick correct look  at 6 months to be expected in an older bull. A beautiful yellow, he can sire calves of any color.  Note his excellent chest, neck and hind quarters. 

Fletcher is the first calf  of Geegee, the only heifer we kept of her year, and the daughter of the Impact Dam  Gaenor. Sired by Denver, he does not disappoint. He has a great headset, a thick, square and long midsection, and heavy hind quarters.  His head looks like it will be similar to his father's. 

Ross is the full brother to Boy Named Sue featured above. Out of Gaenor, one of our Impact Dams, and sired by Denver, he is a dark red that I expect to have frosting. I love his back line and tail set, and that beautiful head. 

Sybil is the  daughter of Hermione and Denver. A dark dun, she has the temperament and classic looks to be great addition to any herd. Her mother is a great producer, and she had the lines to be the same. 


Red Briar Farm is located in central Alabama, at the base of the Cheaha mountains. Our cattle are raised on wide-open pastures of mixed native grasses, clover and fescue. Free-flowing, spring-based streams provide their water.  They are antibiotic free, and pasture fed, except for the occasional treat to bring them in for check-ups and vaccines. Our beef is not harvested until the steers are at least two years old to allow for full flavor development.


We offer:

  •   Registered Highlands to add to your herd or improve your genetics. Highland cross breeds to  add genetic   vigor, ease of calving and improved finishing on grass. Highland bulls for ease of calving,           hybrid vigor, ease of grass finishing , and delicious meat. 


  •   We sell beef by the full, half or quarter carcass. 




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