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Cattle for sale

The 2022 calves are being born.   Have a look at their pictures to see why we are so pleased with our dams and bulls. We will be posting as they are born and mature. 

Boy Named Sue is sired by Denver, out of the Impact Dam Gaynor. He has the swagger and chest of a bull twice his age. A beautiful light yellow, he will sire calves of many colors, and has a good chance that he carries the gene for frosting. His first calves are being born this year. 


Opal, out of Garnet, by Thor. Beautiful white first year heifer showing great mothering skills. Bred first month she was exposed. Sold with this white heifer calf at side, and rebred if wanted. 

deposit taken


Hiho, an F1 Hereford-Highland cross, is a great herd cow. Gentle, she is a superlative  mom who has produced 3 calves with ease  at the age of 2,  3  and this year. If you love Highlands, but aren't sure about the horns, this is the cow for you. This is her with this year's calf. She sells with him at side and rebred if desired. 


Michelle out of Martha by Thor. One year old heifer , can be bred next season. Calm, sociable, and already an "aunt" to this year's calves. Beautiful color and head with a  long body. Expected to be a great herd cow. 

deposit taken


Jennifer, out of our show cow Gaenor, by Igor. Perhaps the most beautiful cow in the herd, with the best head set. She has been a steady producer of strong calves and is sold with this white heifer at side.

deposit taken